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Ideas For Sports Science Fair Projects

Sports Science Fair Projects

If you enjoy sports and you have a science fair project to do, then sports science fair projects may be right up your alley! You can combine many different aspects of athletics with science to come up with a fantastic idea for a project.

Simply by watching your favorite sport, you can start thinking of ideas that you could apply in a scientific way. You could study how nutrition affects athletes. Or, you could examine the physics behind a powerful football pass.

Still another option is to determine which types of materials and equipment performs best in certain types of sports. Both biology (the study of living things) and physics (the study of energy and matter and how the two interact -- involving such facets as forces and motion, energy, electricity and magnetism) are great areas of science to combine with sports-related components for an interesting and educational project.


Below are listed some sports science fair projects questions that can help you get started

1. Do tall people run faster than short people? Or do shorter people run faster than taller people? Or is there no difference? And why?

2. What kinds of physical activity cause the human body to produce the most carbon dioxide? Why?

3. Does strength training improve accuracy in football throws?

4. How does adrenaline affect an athlete's performance?

5. Which energy bars on the market, if any, have the greatest effect on athletic performance?

6. Can sports drinks improve an athlete's performance as compared to water? If so, why?

7. Does the length of the barrel of a paintball gun have any affect on shooting accuracy? If so, why?

8. What factors cause a ball to bounce or fail to bounce?

9. What makes some balls bounce higher than others?

10. Why does the length of a golf club affect the distance a ball travels?

These are just some of the questions that can get you thinking about the kind of sports science fair projects you want to do.



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