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Science Project Topics...Choosing a Science Category

Before you search for science project topics, the first step is choosing a science category. Here you will find a brief description of the major science project categories to help narrow your search. You should also do some research on your own into any area that's seems especially interesting, to learn more about it.

Here are the steps you should follow in developing your science project...

1. Pick a science category (This page of the site)
2. Find ideas for a project
3. Your project topic
4. Follow the scientific method
5. Your project report
6. Your project display

Some General Areas Of Science

Science Project Topics Astronomy: The study of the celestial bodies. These include the stars, planets, moons, meteors, and comets. Astronomy science fair projects page.

Science Project Topics Biology: The study of all living things. How they grow, feed, reproduce, and evolve. Visit my biology science fair projects page to see some ideas for projects.

Science Project Topics Chemistry: The study of the composition of substances, synthesis of different compounds, reactions, analyzing materials. Everything from plastics to medicines involves chemistry in some way. Visit my ideas for chemistry science fair projects page to see some of the types of projects you can do in this field of science.

Science Project Topics Earth Science: The study of weather, climate, rocks, minerals, soils, fossil remains. Earth science fair projects page.

Science Project Topics Electronics: The study of the conduction and control of electricity through different materials. Electricity science fair projects page.

Science Project Topics Engineering: Involves the designing of machines and processes with different types of materials

Science Project Topics Environmental Science: The study of pollution and its effects on the environment. Environmental science fair projects page.

Science Project Topics Mathematics: Deals with numbers and shapes to study relationships about quantities that can be measured

Science Project Topics Physics: The branch of science that studies matter and energy. Light, sound, motion, electricity, and magnetism are all studied in physics. Physics science fair projects page.

Do Some Research Into Science Project Categories

Have a notebook handy and as you look into the different sciences more, write down any ideas that interest you about that subject. Look in encyclopedias, books, magazines, and search the web. This will give you a better idea what each area of science involves.

Remember at this point we are searching for the general area of science that seems most interesting to you. We are not quite ready yet to pick a project. The next step will be looking at science project ideas within that one branch of science you choose. It could be that you decide engineering is your subject. We will then find interesting science project ideas in that field to further narrow your search to find that one project for you.

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