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How To Make Your Science Fair Project Display Catch The Reader's Eye

Your science fair project display board should hold their interest and clearly show them what you did and what you learned. The science project display tells the whole story of your science project and is your final step.

What is a Science Fair Project Display Board? It is usually a three sided unit that will stand on a table top on its own. Check with your teacher or science fair for what is acceptable and the sizes allowed. You can make them or buy them locally at some office supply or art supply stores. The purchased ones are cardboard or some other light weight material and they fold out to form three panels.

Science Fair Project Display

Center Panel: Your project title goes at the top in letters big enough to be seen from several yards away. List the materials, apparatus, and procedures you went through in your experiment to test the hypothesis. Make sure you go through a step by step process of the way you performed the experiment. Use photos here if they help explain the steps. Your data should go under the procedures and materials. Arrange graphs, charts, pictures, in an orderly way with some spacing between them. Be sure everything is labeled and especially the axes of any graphs or charts. Be sure to include the units of measurement.

Left Panel: State the hypothesis. List any research materials you used in learning about the topic...books, magazine articles, etc.

Right Panel: Your results and conclusions will go here. Also include anything you might do differently if you repeated the project.

On the table in front of the display board: Place your project report, your abstract, your journal, and a model or models if you have them to represent what you did.

Use these as guidelines in putting together your science fair project display. But absolutely follow any rules your teacher or science fair gives you which may be different. Make the display board look as neat and professional as possible.

Your display is the final step in your project. Doing a science fair project is not hard, its a simple step by step process...

1. Pick a science category
2. Find ideas for a project
3. Decide on your final project topic
4. Follow the scientific method
5. Your project report
6. Your project display (this page)

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