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High School Science Fair Projects

High School Science Fair Projects

Finding ideas for high school science fair projects can be a tricky business. There are so many different categories of science and various subjects from which to choose that it can be hard to decide what you want to do. To help you in your decision, we've listed some of the different scientific categories and project ideas you could try, as well as resources where you can find more information.


You may be interested in the stars and planets. If so, then an experiment in astronomy could be the right choice for you. Some ideas for high school science fair projects in astronomy include:

How do the phases of the moon work?

What are black holes and how are they identified?

Why do stars twinkle?


Biology is the study of living organisms. If you have aspirations to enter this field after college, biology may be a good topic to choose for your high school science fair project. A few examples of project ideas include:

Why and how are fingerprints different?

Why do certain genetic traits occur in families?

Do individuals from different ethnic backgrounds have different lung capacities?


If you love plants and flowers, a botany science fair project may be for you. You could try experiments such as the following:

Do vitamin supplements increase the growth rate of plants and flowers?

Does music increase the growth rate of plants and flowers? If so, what kind?

Is it easier to grow seeds in soil or in water?


Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the interaction of atoms to form molecules and of molecules and atoms to form compounds. If you are taking chemistry now or have taken a class in it, then you may have a better idea of what it involves. Its a broad field and offers a multitude of interesting high school science fair projects you can do.

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Try to find a project idea that interests you most of all. But at the same time make sure its on the science level of high school science projects. In other words don't do a project more suitable for elementary science students. Good luck with your high school science fair projects.