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The Scientific Method Is The Guide For All Good Science Fair Projects

Good Science Fair Projects

Good science fair projects will all follow the scientific method. The scientific method is a step by step approach scientists use to find answers to questions they ask about nature. Its very important to use this method in your school science projects. Someone else should be able to follow your steps and procedures and get the same results.

Learning and following the scientific method is the fourth step in your process of developing a science project. Here are the six main steps you should be following with your project from beginning to end...


1. Pick a science category
2. Find ideas for a project
3. Decide on your final project topic
4. Follow the scientific method (This page)
5. Your project report
6. Your project display

Steps Of The Scientific Method

Developing good science fair projects depends on following these steps.

State the Purpose

  • What is your topic...the question you want to answer?
  • Research your topic to learn more about it.


  • Make a guess about the answer to your question.
  • What you think is true based on the topic research you did.
  • When you state your hypothesis it must be something that can be measured in experiments or data you collect later.


  • Test your hypothesis.
  • Do an experiment to see if your hypothesis is true or false.


  • Write down your observations and data you collect in a journal.
  • Photograph the steps in testing your hypothesis if possible.


  • Look at the data and results you got from the experiments.
  • Are your results conclusive or uncertain?


  • What did your results tell you?
  • Did your experiment prove your hypothesis true or false?
  • Do you need to repeat this project to be sure of the results?
  • Can someone else repeat your procedures and get the same results?
  • List any problems you ran into doing this project.
  • Would you do anything different if you did this project again?

The next step after you finish the experiments for your project is to write a project report on it. Good luck with your project and remember, all great science fair projects use the scientific method.

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