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Some Tips For Great Food Science Fair Projects

Food Science Fair Projects

Do you love food? If so, then food science fair projects may be perfect for you!

Food science involves the application of different scientific principles such as chemistry and biology to create, preserve and distribute safe, healthy and delicious food. Food scientists study every aspect of food on an extremely in-depth level.

Without food scientists, we wouldn't have many of the culinary items we take for granted on an every day basis. Some of the basic duties of a food scientist involves making food taste better, look better, and last longer.

Now that you know a little about what food science is all about, you're better prepared to browse some ideas for food science fair projects and find the perfect one for you. Below we've listed some ideas to get you started on your journey and spark your imagination.

1. Do different types of microwave popcorn pop better than others?

2. Which types of kernels pop the best and why?

3. Do different brands of orange juice contain different levels of Vitamin C?

4. Do generic brands have the same nutrition as name brands?

5. How does the level of acid in our stomach affect digestion of elements such as protein?

6. Why do certain types of foods produce more gas than others?

7. Why do baking soda and vinegar fizz when mixed together?

8. How can I make my own PH indicator using red cabbage?

9. What is the percentage of water in different fruits? Which fruit contains the most water? Which fruit contains the least?

Another good way to get ideas on food science fair projects you can do is visit your local university and interview members of the faculty that work in food science. They will probably be more than happy to answer your questions and give you lots of information and ideas that can make your food science fair projects their absolute best.