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A Look At Environmental Science Fair Projects

Environmental Science Fair Projects

As you may have guessed, environmental science fair projects will deal with things that affect the earth's environment. Environmental science covers a broad range of topics that deal with the planet on which we live. Some examples of what this science encompasses: water, air, atmosphere, physics, motion, energy, geology, biology and chemistry.

Environmental scientists also study things that deal with pollution of the air, water and soil. With such a wide variety of potential topics to do environmental science fair projects on, it can be hard to choose an experiment. To help you, we've compiled some ideas for these kinds projects that can get your creative juices flowing and get you thinking like a scientist:

1. How much carbon dioxide do different sources of gas produce? Why?

2. Can plants be used to measure the level of air pollution?

3. How do pollutants affect underwater life?

4. How can I demonstrate the greenhouse effect?

5. How can I make paper out of recycled materials?

6. What is the effect of different detergents on soil?

7. Does a fan cool the air or simply move it around?

8. What is the most effective way to filter drinking water? Why?

9. What are the effects of acid rain on pond life?

10. How does acid rain affect the helpful bacteria in the soil?

11. Is lead present in the soil near your home? In your drinking water?

Environmental Science Fair Projects Test Kit - Do tests on water for its oxygen content, its hardness, pH, level of phosphates, and chlorides it contains. Also tests air for suspended particles, smoke density, carbon dioxide levels, and other chemicals in the air as well.

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