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Elementary Science Fair Projects...Some Easy Projects

Elementary Science Fair Projects

Here are some easy elementary science fair projects to try. They demonstrate science principles using simple experiments you can do at home. Most of these projects some measuring but nothing too difficult. To perform some of the experiments you may need to purchase a few basic items as well.

The list of projects on this site will grow as I think of new ones to add. If you have some unique ideas for projects you would like to see here then please send them. I will gladly look over them and post any that are appropriate.

Three Easy Elementary Projects

I have put together an ebook of three easy projects that would be great for students in 4th grade or higher. These are easy projects to do and require no special materials. You probably have everything at your home to do all of these experiments. Each experiment can be completed in a few hours.

 Elementary Science Fair Projects

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You will need Adobe pdf reader installed on your computer to view the ebook. Most likely you already have it, if not its a free download here...Adobe Reader.

Some Quick Tips on Doing Experiments

1) Have a journal to record all your information about your project. Also record all your measurements, times, and data from the experiments.

2) Some of the experiments need close measurements of liquids amounts and will require a graduated cylinder. These come in different sizes but are usually tall and cylinder shaped. They are mostly made of clear plastic with measure units marked on the sides.

3) Other measurements of liquids and solids can be done with kitchen utensils. Such as a measuring cup and measuring spoons.

4) Time measurements can be made with a watch or clock.

5) A lab type glass thermometer is needed for experiments measuring temperatures.

6) A basic voltmeter to measure voltages is required on some electrical elementary science fair projects here.

Convert Between Different Temperature Scales

Enter a temperature in one of the blanks and it gives the value in the other two scales.
Fahrenheit: Celsius:   Kelvin:  

This is an example of elementary science fair projects that investigate seed germination.

Here is an interesting project about birds.
It investigates how colored feeders will affect how much seed the birds eat from them.

This project lets you find out if soaking seeds in liquid plant food will speed up the early plant development.
Just a few items are needed to do this experiment.

Some experiments to show capillary action in plants. Ever wonder how plants pull water out of the ground and all the way up through their leaves? These experiments show how they use capillary action to get water and nutrients.

How batteries produce electricity

How to make a potato battery

How static electricity works

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An ebook for $2.39 with three 6th grade science fair projects
for you to try


Science Fair ProjectsStep By Step Science Fair Projects- my ebook of 16 easy to do projects with simple to follow instructions. Most use materials you already have in the home.

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