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Biology Science Fair Projects

Where can you find ideas for biology science fair projects? Answer: all around you. I will give you some ideas on this page for biology projects, then show you how to turn them into real science projects.

Biology is the study of different forms of life, And since there are so many kinds of living things all around us, then it won't be hard to come up with ideas for your biology science fair projects.

We can divide the study of biology into two broad categories:

1) Plants
- everything from trees to flowers, vegetables, grasses, molds, algae, and thousands of more types of plant life.

2) Animals- this would include man, dogs, cats, birds, mice, insects, bacteria, and many more varieties of animal life.

Getting Started On Your Biology Science Fair Projects

Make sure your idea for a project is acceptable. Check with your teacher or check the rules for that science fair competition.

Animal studies- If you plan to do any type study animals such as dogs, cats, birds, mice, etc., then it must not harm the animals in any way. Again be sure to check with your teacher or read the rules for the fair competition before you begin. Live animals will probably not be allowed at the fair to display.

Also be aware that live bacteria cultures may not be allowed at the science fair.

Biology Science Fair Projects Ideas

1) Do plants grow towards a light source?

2) Do some experiments on what affects seed germination.

3) Will a section of a root from a shrub or vine grow and produce a plant of its own?

4) What factors affect how fast milk spoils?

5) What factors affect how fast mold grows on bread?

6) When you water a plant with salt water what effect does it have on the plant?

7) Does watering a plant with sugar water have the same effect on it as watering it with salt water? Why?

8) Does the spectrum of light or color of light affect how fast a plant grows?

9) What effect does oxygen have on the growth of anerobic bacteria?

10) What effect does temperature have on yeast growth? Can you devise an experiment to test this?

11) Will putting ripe bananas close to green ones make the green ones ripen faster?

Read a little background information on the topic you choose for your biology science fair project. Then ask a question and form an hypothesis. Then setup an experiment to test your hypothesis. Remember if you are testing the effect of one thing, you want to make sure other factors don't affect your results. That would make the results invalid. So do some reading specifically about the topic you choose to know what the variables are that may affect your results.

Biology science fair projects can be very simple or fairly complicated depending on what you want to achieve. Make sure you have everything you need for the project before you start. And make sure you know the rules of the science fair.

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