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Astronomy Science Fair Projects

Astronomy Science Fair Projects


If you're thinking about astronomy science fair projects, then this page is for you. We will give you some ideas, possible topics, and links to some good online resources. Helping you put together a fun and winning project is our goal here.

What is astronomy? Its the study of all the naturally occurring things in space.

  • Our sun
  • Our own moon
  • The planet earth and the other eight planets in this solar system
  • Our galaxy and all the others in the universe
  • Comets and meteors
  • Stars, moons, and asteroids
  • Sunspots and how they affect communications on earth
  • The atmosphere on mars. Is water beneath the surface? Did it once support life?
  • The rings of Saturn
  • Super novas and black holes

Ideas For Possible Astronomy Science Fair Projects

1. Sunspots: large cool areas on the sun. You can set up an experiment to view them and see how they move.

2. Measure the diameters of the moon, earth, and sun.

3. Make a simple sundial and show how it can tell time.

4. Use parallax to measure distances to objects in space.

5. Photograph star trails at night.

6. Build a simple telescope and describe how it works.

7. Track the phases of the moon and match them to sea tides. How are low and high tides affected by the moon?

8. Make a sidereal pointer and describe its operation.

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