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A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Doug Nicholson and I'm the owner and creator of this site. I started in 2005 to share my interest and ideas with you on doing science fair projects.

I live in the state of Virginia but grew up in South Carolina in the southern U.S. I attended Tri County Technical College and Clemson University where I studied engineering technology. I took a number of science and engineering related courses and spent quite a number of hours in labs at both schools. The labs were definitely my favorite time. I love setting up experiments and testing ideas to see what the results will be. In fact that is one of my favorite hobbies and what led me to start this web site.

I hope you will find the tutorials, experiments, and ideas for science projects on this site helpful in developing your science fair project. Learning to experiment and test your ideas will be invaluable to you for many years to come.

Please email me any questions or comments you may have.

I have a couple of articles on that describe some easy to do science projects if you want to take a look...

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Thank you for visiting this page and good luck with your project,